The Perks. The Process. The Program.

The Palmetto Sites program was designed to streamline the process of industrial site development in South Carolina. Each property is different and should have customized solutions that best position it for success. Leveraging the extensive, corporate experience of a third-party site selection partner, the Palmetto Sites program will layer a technical site analysis with robust workforce and target industry data. The outcome of this comprehensive analysis will provide a strategic development plan, prioritizing site development and marketing efforts for communities. A property that completes the evaluation and recommended due diligence will be designated as a "Palmetto Site" and may be eligible for additional marketing and funding opportunities.

The goal of this program is to increase the inventory of marketable sites in each community, making it more competitive - and easier - to do business in South Carolina.

The Palmetto Sites Process

  • Applications are accepted twice a year.
  • The program is broken into 2 phases:
    1. Site and Community Readiness Evaluation Phase, including an RFI and site visit: 3-4 months
    2. Due Diligence Phase: 6-12 months
  • The designation is viable for on average 5 years.

A more detailed description of the Palmetto Sites program can be downloaded below.

Download Program Materials